Introducing our 2 new Mircopigs!

Posted by Mrs Bailey on 23 Apr 2018

Exciting news – we have some new additions to West Walton – our 2 young micro pigs!

They have settled into their new home well, and their rounded tummies show that they are enjoying their food. Our pigs are very sociable and greet visitors with grunts and wagging tails – no doubt looking for more treats.

The children are gradually being introduced to them and everyone who visits them has a smile on their faces. Once they are accustomed to us all, children will be able help feed and care for them. They even have harnesses so that they can be taken for walks! There will be lots of opportunities for the children from Tilney, Terrington and Walpole to visit our pigs and chickens, so they won’t be left out. We will soon be asking for suggestions for names and will let you know when a decision has been made.

Welcome to the new Head Teacher’s blog

Posted by Mrs Bailey on 08 Apr 2018

Welcome our new Head Teacher’s blog. I will be adding updates regularly to keep you informed of the things that are happening in our federation schools.

Today is the last day of the Spring Term and our schools have been celebrating the occasion with a host of Easter themed ‘Eggstravaganzas’ – including: egg hunts, Easter Bingo, assemblies and concerts.

As you may know, The Federation recently acquired three (very cute) chickens who live at West Walton Primary School. With perfect timing, one of the ‘ladies’ laid her very first egg today. We all ‘cooed’ over it and were even more delighted when presented with the second! The eggs are small but perfectly formed – just like the chickens!

All of the children have enjoyed a variety of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) projects over the last few weeks. Across The Federation, there have been lava lamps, exploding volcanoes, marble runs, drums, giant towers, giraffes, spaghetti bridges and lots of research into plants to name but a few. The children have clearly loved these; they are eager to share their learning with everyone. As adults, we have also learned a lot – our children have become our teachers.  Every day, for every member of staff is a school day!

I hope that everyone has a great Easter break and we look forward to seeing you all back on 16th April.