West Walton Primary School

School Association

Hello everyone,

I’d like to introduce you to our new School Association for West Walton Primary School.

My name is Natalie Hemmings and I am the new Chairperson, Sarah Perks is the Vice Chairperson, Roberta Doughty is the Treasurer and Debbie Rolston-Earl is the Secretary.

This is a new committee and a fresh year.

We are looking forward to organising plenty of fun events for all of the children to enjoy.

We aim to raise money to help with school trips, fun activities, Christmas and Easter treats and lots of other great events.

If anyone would like to join the School Association, they would be very welcome. Even if you only want to help at a small number of events, we would really appreciate your input.

If anyone has any ideas or questions, please pop them into the box in the office or find one of us in the playgroup. We would love to hear from you; we are not as scary as we look!

We all look forward to seeing you and your children at future events.

Kind Regards,

Natalie Hemmings



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